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Helo guys I am ready to show you a tab/slides plugin for wordpress. Let me tell u a tale. Once I did a site in joomla1.x for a client and that used the tab slides in content, a jooomla mambot of Somedays ago I made the same site in using wordpress and wordpress is better than joomla for blogging. So I needed to reuse the tabslide plugin for wordpress and I just converted that joomla mambot/plugin to wordpress plugin. I am releasing in same GPL licence and free. I think this will help some ppl to enable tab/slide in wordpress posts/pages.

Check live demo in or u can give a try in your localhost 😛



  • Install the plugin and activate
  • Check there will be added a new menu in Settings
  • Go to Settings->JW TabSlides
  • Check setting and change slider timer and speed as u need
  • Check Tab/Slide usage syntax bottom in setting page
  • Special feature: On demand js, css loading, heh heh think smart.

Update: Syntax is given here as I disabled this plugin in my blog 😀


First Tab

here some content

Another tab

I need some sleep

This is fun

I thi it will be fun for you
First slide
Here is content for first slide
2nd slide
This is fun too
Slides in Tabs:

First Tab

First slide
Here is content for first slide
2nd slide
This is fun too

Another tab

I need some sleep

This is fun

Mu ha ha
Here is content for first slide
This is done
This is fun too


  Wordpress jwTab/Slides (15.0 KiB, 3,531 hits)

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37 thoughts on “Tab/Sliders for wordpress posts/pages”

  1. hi
    good day!

    can i change the short code {tab=1} to [tab=1] ??

    because i have augment between others plugin.

    please advice…..


  2. Hi jwtabslider team,

    First of all very nice handy easy to implement plugin, if this possible User should be able to open and close them on their own. Right now if you open one the previous one closes.

    Please let me know how to do this.


  3. Hi , Great plugin

    but i have a css question , i have 2 tabs but the tabs arent 50% each of the div , how can i make that happen ?


  4. hi

    My issue was resolved automatically when I created the new fresh page in wordpress and deleted the old … So now this plugin is working in all versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, safari and google crome … Great Plugin

    Thanks for author

  5. this plugin is great but not working in my opera 11 browser ,,,, I’m getting all contents in a single tab long down the page vertically but not in tabs … Also it is showing first tab heading and rest of the tab headings are missing … is there any way to fix it?


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