jQuery TinyScrollbar doesn’t work in hidden container or tab or div : Why ?

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Q: jQuery TinyScrollbar doesn’t work in hidden container or tab or div : Why ? Answer: I think this is problem  with jquery or as how the DOM works. When any parent div is hidden using css property display:block;  jquery can not determine the width, height etc for any child element (example div)  and this… Read more »

New installation instruction for tinybn in joomla1.5.14+

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Here I am back with tinybn(bangla writing plugin for popular wysiwyw editor tinymce). Oh please don’t think that I am trying to show you smiley face with new version of tinybn but new installation instruction for joomla 1.5.14+. Today a new user informed that the raw installation instruction for joomla 1.5.x is not correct …… Read more »

Simple Ajax Tab for wordpress (Manchuwpajaxtab) v1.1

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Simple Ajax Tab for wordpress or just Manchuwpajaxtab is a small plugin/widget for wordpress to show some important features of a blog in one place and make them ajax based so the loading time of blog is minimun. Here Recent Posts, Recent Comemnts, Tag clouds, Archives, Blogroll and Categories are packed together as tab..ajax based… Read more »

childNodes problem in FF !!!

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I was working with js and got a peculiar problem (it’s was unknown to me 😛 😀 🙁 ) about childNodes count in firefox and opera. Internet explorer showed perfectly. suppose my html is like Now the js: Here childNum will give diff values for diff browser. FF, Opera counts the whitespaces . textnodes as… Read more »

Detect browser name and version using js

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I was trying to detect browser version and browser name using java script. I got so many techniques but I am happy with jquery’s one. It’s pretty simple and small block of code. Just check the bellow code that I got from jquery. As it is not possible to use the whole js library all the time but I like to use some part of it or follow the techniques for cross browser tasks. 😀