Show bangla date in joomla1.5

Hello, this is my another work for bangla computing. I just made a small plugin to show english date in bengali in joomla1.5. Please don’t think that it will show bangla date everywhere in joomla. This plugin is just for the component com_content which shows the content/article. I gave name for this plugin is Bangla(bn-bd) date or Joomla Bangla date. This will show article create and modification date in our local language bengali. Here is screenshot for backend.

Idea52 LAB - Administration_1257927094816

To make this plugin flexible, I tried to give so many options to configure for your joomla site to show dates in bangla. You can use this plugin as multi lingual mode easily as it has some advanced features like detect language or force to show bangla date. Even you can filter or configure for home page(front page or com_frontpage), full article mode, category filtering etc. Please check my post in post in amaderprojukti forum for details in bengali.

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RSS news ticker using jquery and Slick RSS module in joomla

newstickerLet me clear first about what is Slick RSS

Slick RSS is a joomla module that Parse and Display RSS Feed News with DHTML Teaser Tooltip. For details pls visit this link.

ok , let me tell what I am going to do next. That module is great to show rss feed from another site and I want to use it as a news ticker and it can be named as rss news ticker. ok then let’s make it done.

I am going to use js library jQuery and it’s plugin BBCNewsTicker. Please download latest version of jquery and that plugin this the given link.

Now, install the module Slick RSS in your joomla site and publish in any module position. Now I am going to make little change in the module code so that it can be configured for newsticker.

open the file default.php from modules\mod_slick_rss\tmpl and check link near 39

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Tinybn for jce as a joomla plugin

Dear Friends,

I know there is no update on tinybn for many days and it has so many bugs but I am not gone yet ! heh heh. I think who are very familiar with joomla and it’s content editor tinymce, are also familiar with jce(joomla content editor), a joomla conent editor based on tinymce with lots of feature. You can get jce here. Please check their donwload section to download the jce component and jce plugin/mambot(editor).

hmm, please don’t get sleep … I just made a plugin for jce to use my tinybn plugin directly in jce. No manuall install needed , I mean editing files to work with default tinymce.
So , here is the download file of tinybn for jce.


  Tinybn JCE Editor (12.1 KiB, 9,375 hits)

How to install

1. Install jce component (that will help you to modify or control jce editor and install new plugin and much more)
2. Install jce plugin
3. Now install tinybn plugin for jce. Go to Administrator-> Components-> JCE Administrations-> Install (see screenshot bellow)
4. Now browser the downloaded zip file and install it.


that’s it.
Install finish 🙂 . Ok now go to article manager and try to open/write any new article. I think you are intelligent enough to make your editor default to jce or even disabled tinymce from plugins. If jce is your current editor and you have install the tinybn for jce according to instruction then you should see like bellow. Select keyboard and type in diff bengali layout.


mu ha ha…waiting for your feedback.

Problem in IE for simple_video_flash_player (Joomla module)

I think JW Player(flash player) by is well known to u all. There are so many extension for joomla, wordpress, drupal and other cms using this tool. Simple_video_flash_player is a joomla module to show flash and other videos. Today I used it with one of project. But after checking in ie6 I was tempered becuase it was showing a js error in ie and the modules config file I meant he xml file has not param to show module class suffix which is very important to style module using css. I searched google and got so many solution. Here is my code that helped to solve this issue in ie6.
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Easy faq plugin for Joom!Fish

Update: 18, November, 2009
Note: Please check new version of this plugin that is compatible with joomla1.5, joomfish2+ and easyfaq2+.

Joom!Fish is joomla extention  or tool to make multilingual site . Actually  it’s used for  translation in any languge. Joom!Fish has built in support for some component but no plugin for EasyFaq ( Another popular joomla extention-component to make FAQ  in a short time).

Today I developed the easyfaq plugin for Joom!Fish. It’s easy to make plugin for Joom!Fish :D. I will write a tutorial to make plugin for Joom!Fish to make translation support for any component.

Don’t forget to give me feedback if it helps you :P.

Download: Link