Welcome to my download page. Here I will share my works on different cms like joomla, wordpress, phpbb etc and their extensions, plugins, mods. Don’t forget to give me feedback about any bug or help. BTW, for any change request please wait until I get free time as all these are open source and free. If any one wants professional service can contact with me directly using my feedback/contact page.

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  Bangla keyboard for joomla contact form 1.3
» 17.0 KiB - 4,860 hits - 28 March, 2010
This joomla plugin will add bangla keyboard supports in default joomla contact form Keyboard Layouts: 1. Unijoy 2. Probhat 3. Phonetic 4. English Language File 1. English 2. Bangla

  Easyfaq2 contentelement for joomfish2
» 1.1 KiB - 2,502 hits - 18 November, 2009
Joomfish content element for easyfaq

  Fix DS error in joomla 3.0
» 1.3 KiB - 1,589 hits - 3 August, 2012

  Joomla1.5 Bangladate 1.1.0
» 3.8 KiB - 6,866 hits - 11 November, 2009
Converts english date to bangla in joomla content display mode.
» 4.4 KiB - 6,156 hits - 23 August, 2008
This module displays the list of all intalled components in admin panel home page for quick access and list viewing.

  Simple joomla tab-slider Module
You do not have permission to download this file.
» 5.9 KiB - 21,027 hits - 2 December, 2009

  Stop Sopa Ribon plugin for Joomla1.5
» 10.4 KiB - 1,402 hits - 19 January, 2012

  Stop Sopa Ribon plugin for Joomla1.6 & 1.7
» 10.7 KiB - 1,414 hits - 19 January, 2012

  Tinybn JCE Editor
» 12.1 KiB - 9,421 hits - 8 August, 2009
Banglafkb(tinybn) is Bengali Fixed Keyboard. This is same tinybn(Unicode based bengali keyboard for tinymce 3.x) plugin for tinymce packed as jce plugin. No manual install. Install this through jce component's plugin installer. It's Supports the following javascript based bengali writing keyboards: a. Phonetic Intelligent b. Phonetic c. Probhat d. Unijoy e. Inscript To use this plugin you need to install jce editor and select it for writing article. Please follow documentation url for usage and insallation guide. Please don't forget to give me feedback if that is usefull or if you have any suggestion. Thank you for using my extension.

» 18.5 KiB - 2,614 hits - 25 December, 2009

  Webmastertool plugin for joomla
» 2.2 KiB - 8,218 hits - 8 September, 2010
Webmastertool is a joomla plugin to add google, yahoo, bing, alexa site verification meta tag from admin. More features are coming soon!


  1. Ok……thanks for the attempt…….

    "Wp nofollow plugin for comment" is for what? Has it made for nofollowing a comment? or dofollowing? It would be better if you gave a sort description each of the plugins.

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