Welcome to my download page. Here I will share my works on different cms like joomla, wordpress, phpbb etc and their extensions, plugins, mods. Don’t forget to give me feedback about any bug or help. BTW, for any change request please wait until I get free time as all these are open source and free. If any one wants professional service can contact with me directly using my feedback/contact page.

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Projukti Kothon

  Projukti kothon1
» 6.1 MiB - 2,712 hits - 4 August, 2009

  Projukti kothon2
» 1.2 MiB - 7,559 hits - 19 September, 2009

  Ubuntu Linux9.04 Bangla tutorial
» 2.6 MiB - 6,993 hits - 14 July, 2009


  1. Ok……thanks for the attempt…….

    "Wp nofollow plugin for comment" is for what? Has it made for nofollowing a comment? or dofollowing? It would be better if you gave a sort description each of the plugins.

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