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java script: function problem in IE

For some days, I am trying to make a popup virtual keyboard for bengali characters for my forum The problem that I faced and waste so many hours is that it was working in firefox, opera, safari, netscape etc except in IE(Internet explorer).

To make a popup window I used java script some thing like‘url to popup’, ‘popup window name’, ‘other parameter’);

Any one can get some help from this link.

The problem I faced that I used the window name with spaces like ‘my window’. It works fine in ‘firefox like browser’ except in IE. When I used the window name ‘mywindow’ (see know space in window name), the code worked in IE too.

I don’t like internet explorer  at all..

Note: I am novice in java script…. :(.

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  1. You are wondering about IE. But now so many version of IE are there on user computer that even a simple js will not workout.

    Try using some js frameworks. They will take care cross browser comparibility.


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