Here are some quick list, I think forgot some :P. These are just some completed sites and I am doing consultancy for some sites and as well as my regular open source works on different cms like wordpress, joomla etc. Soon I will be more active with my tiny but passionate team under the roof of my dream Codeboxr and more organic ideas are coming soon!

Have you any new project offer ? let me know

For updated portfolio please check here.

  1. http://www.clvbakery.com/
  2. http://contourbd.com
  3. http://expex.com
  4. http://webmax.co
  5. http://amaderitaly.com
  6. http://conveyor.com.bd/tracking/
  7. http://bangladesh724.com
  8. http://sjwschool.org/
  9. http://zakirkhan.net
  10. http://mahajantrade.com
  11. http://matholympiad.org.bd
  12. http://cestlavierestaurant.com
  13. http://forum.amaderprojukti.com
  14. http://www.secondbilly.com
  15. http://gdpnetwork.com
  16. http://www.gdpglobal.com
  17. http://solnaciente.net
  18. http://www.allomatch.com
  19. http://www.islamtribune.com
  20. http://www.islammedianetwork.org
  21. http://islamwum.org
  22. http://www.sedayeislam.com
  23. https://manchumahara.com
  24. http://thesisprintingandbinding.ie
  25. http://mysticalchemydesign.com
  26. http://conveyor.com.bd
  27. http://ukbdnews.com
  28. http://mowca.gov.bd
  29. http://omiazad.net
  30. http://plage2.org
  31. http://ekushey.org

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Want to explore my works more ? ok please check my works for different cms in the download section.

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