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My last 4/5 months project updates

It’s many days I didn’t write any thing here. I am not lost yet ! heh heh really I am not lost. Within last 4/5 months I did lots of projects. I said in many place that I started my professional career in jan 2008 and then it was hampered by so many things. I back to work again 4/5 months ago and now working as a full time freelancer at home. Yes I like to work with full freedom though working from home has some bad sides. Let me introduce you with some of my last 4/5 months projects. Hei ! I am really and here every thing is in brief.

ISLAM TRIBUNE_1248087112584Time.com clone (look and feel) using wordpress: Though time.com changes their layout frequently, I made a clone of it’s interface using wordpress, I mean the theme of wordpress. Here is snapshot of that. Oh yes, at first I made it red as time.com and then changed the red color to greenish. It’s for islamtribune.com.

BBC NEWS_1248108686378
BCC.co.uk clone using wordpress: I mentioned in another post that I made a theme for wordpress with same look and feel of bbc.co.uk. It’s front page is like bbc.co.uk and innner pages are like news.bbc.co.uk . sexy na ? heh heh.. wana see demo. check here. Here is screenshot.

secondbillysecondbilly.com clone of mobile.de: A german site for furniture market. It’s using  joomla and market place component , though it’s customized too much. The main marketplace component is customized as needed and some custom modules are developed to give support to the component in front end. It’s in german language 🙂 Visit the site from here(http://www.secondbilly.com/).

Will update mores in another post 🙂