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Download Category widget for WP-DownloadManager plugin

I am using WP-DownloadManager plugin to manage downloads in my blog. It’s a very usefull plugin by Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan. I think , He made the most important plugins for wp :D. He already wrote 17 wordpress plugins ! I am a big fan of Lester Chan aka ‘GaMerZ’ Chan and sometimes I try to get help from his plugin .. I mean how to wrote such nice and clean plugins…

Ok, I just checked that WP-DownloadManager plugin can list category but with files in each. But I wanted something like a download category widgets and a list of download category (just list of download category). So I just wrote a plugin for WP-DownloadManager plugin :D. It will allow you to put a widget in sidebar showing all the Download Category as list with files and hits count as soon as you can use short code in post and pages. And this will make a download category list like bellow 😀
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Fix wordpress plugin “GT post approval”

Hello! 2010 is just knocking at door 😀 .Hope to write lots of blog with my day2day thinking, learning and the problems I face every day.

Let me clear about this blog post: I think, you know that in wordpress we can add new coasdl in posts listing area. Check the bellow image of my post edit panel/listing(http://(yoursitename)/wp-admin/edit.php)
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